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Heatwave Systems builds all of it's radiant floor heating systems from the "ground up" and the process starts with the design.

In the design phase, information such as the floor plan layout, door - window - skylight schedules, title 24 reports, finished flooring goods and overall comfort desires of the property owner are gathered together to create a room by room heat-loss analysis. This information is used to determine space heating equipment sizing, zoning (thermostats) to control the heated areas, loop amounts and lengths (floor tubing) to deliver the required heat into the area, manifold locations, mechanical room layout and system control strategy.

Want to add domestic hot water? The versatility of boiler technology allows the same heat source to make large amounts of domestic hot water at higher efficiencys than conventional systems. Hot water usage patterns provided by the property owner are needed to design a domestic hot water delivery system that is right for your needs.

As our client, you will receive a copy of the radiant system design to complete the package. In addition, we will be happy to send additional copies to the project's General Contractor and Governing authorities upon request.

In need of just a design? We can do that too. Heatwave Systems can prepare a heat-loss report and radiant design that will provide you with the information field installers need. The detail report will outline proper tube size, tube spacing for correct heat output, expected flow rates and delivery temperatures to reach optimum preformance.

We work closely with the our clients to create the most comfortable and efficient system availaible for each individual project. A properly prepared design is truly a road map to a successfully completed and functionally satisfying radiant floor heating/domestic hot water system.


1. DESIGN as part of a complete system installation

2. DESIGN Package
for the
do-it-yourself homeowner