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In the past, a boiler's job was to boil water and create steam. We've cooled it down quite a bit. In fact, most radiant floor systems operate at temperatures less than your domestic hot water. These heat sources are referred to as condensing boilers.

Condensing boilers do not boil water, we strive for the lowest water temperatures to match the load of your heating needs. Most condensing boilers spec. a rating of 92% to 95% annual fuel utilization efficiency. The design of condensing boilers enables us to run at lower water temperatures and wring out as much heat from the escaping flue gas as possible without the risk of damage to the boiler like in the days of old. In addition the condensing technology allows us to run weather responsive control strategies to deliver only the correct water temperature needed for any given time of day.

Heatwave Systems utilizes the condensing technology for radiant floor heating systems to boost efficiency, reduce green house gases, implement built in weather-responsive control, and bring an overall comfort to the project.



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