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HEAT SOURCES: Phoenix Solar System (Solar-Thermal)

The Phoenix solar thermal system is a radiant floor heating and domestic hot water production system incorporating a hot water storage tank with a built in 95% a.f.u.e condensing gas burner, 1 corrosion resistant tubular heat exchanger, from one to multiple glazed flat plate solar collectors, a pump panel and controller.

The storage tank is stainless steel in 2" of polyurethane foam insulation giving it a standby loss of .5 degrees per hour. Each tank has a built in 95% A.F.U.E. condensing gas burner and is an excellent choice for combining radiant floor heating with solar domestic hot water.

Depending on your location, manufacturers spec. these systems to produce up to 75% of your domestic hot water load and assist up to 20% for space heating.

With this type of heat source, you get the high efficiencies of the condensing technology plus the added ability to reap from the sun.

Solar Thermal Collectors

solar thermal collectors

solar thermal collectors

solar thermal collectors

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