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INSTALLATION METHOD: Concrete Slab Installation

The concrete slab installation method is used primarily in new construction but can be installed wherever new concrete is poured, which also makes it an option for remodeling. In this process, adequate depth for an insulation layer as well as the added height of the tubing needs to be calculated as early as possible in the building process to avoid structural interference and or additional labor to re-prepare the site. Once the tubing is secured and in place it is pressure tested and documented prior to the pour of the concrete.

Concrete Slab Installations are referred to as high mass systems due to concrete's ability to conduct and store heat at low water temperatures. These installations will continue to emit heat for hours in the event of a power outage. If you are planning to use concrete as your sub-floor or finished floor, it is highly recommended that you heat it. You will have the highest rated thermal mass system operating at low water temperatures. This is a highly efficient heating system with outstanding comfort.

Concrete Slab Installation Method


concrete slab installation

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