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INSTALLATION METHOD: Subfloor Panel Systems

Above Subfloor Radiant Panel Method
The above subfloor radiant panel method often becomes a candidate when a low profile buildup is required--as little as 1/2"--to avoid changing door and window heights in existing buildings. This method is also useful when radiant floor heating is selected toward the end of a project where structural changes would be costly.

Most above subfloor radiant panel systems incorporate a layer of aluminum to conduct the heat from the tubing and transfer it to the floor. Above subfloor radiant panel systems allow for the installation of floating wood floors, traditional nailed down hardwood floors, floated tile floors, and the attachment of cement backer board for tile.

Structural Subfloor Panel System
The structural subfloor panel system doubles as a heat emitting panel as well as the structural subfloor. This system incorporates a layer of aluminum pressed into the preformed grooves of an 1-1/8" T&G subfloor panel. The preformed grooves receive the tubing needed to heat the space. Underfloor insulation is required with this type of system to ensure preformance.

Above Subfloor Panel System


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Structural Subfloor Panel System

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