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The staple down method can be used where the subfloor is exposed in new construction or remodel/retrofit applications.

The most common options to cover the top the tubing are lightweight concrete, gypsum based lightweight overpour or nailing strips (for nail-down hardwood) with an in-f of gypsum or lightweight concrete. With staple down installations the overall panel height or thickness must be determined in the planning stages. This is to avoid interference with finished door, window and ceiling heights. A fully insulated joist bay beneath is required to reduce backloss and to ensure performance.

Staple-down installations are an excellent way to add radiant heat to a project while still maintaining thermal mass, lower water temperatures, high efficiencies and, again, outstanding comfort.

Concrete over Subfloor:


concrete slab installation

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Gypsum over Subfloor:

staple-down gypsum installation

gypsum pour

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With Nailer for Hardwood:

nailer installation

staple-down with nailer