Radiant Floor Heating – The Ultimate in Comfort.



All about radiant floor heating. We consult on site, over the phone and via video conferencing to save you time, money and headaches. Which system should you choose? What type of equipment do you need? What is the best heat source for your project? From system design to equipment recommendations and energy impact, we can help. Contact us.

System Design and Heat Loss Reports

Need a heat loss report? New system design? Contact us.

New Construction & Remodel

A new home or remodel deserves the most efficient and comfortable heating available. We work with your team from the ground up to insure that your system is efficient and effective. Our customers tell us there is nothing like radiant floor heating to elevate the comfort of a home or building. Contact us for more information.


Expert installers of radiant floor heating systems. Our methods include:

  • Radiant Panel Underlayment
  • Topping Slab
  • Gypsum Overpour

Clean Energy Programs

We are a certified installer for the latest clean energy programs. Go green with us. We are BAY-REN Program Certified and Sonoma Clean Power Certified. Contact Us.

Boilers/Heat Source

We recommend, provide and install boilers, heat pumps and tankless water heaters. We provide boiler swaps and equipment upgrades for more efficient systems.

Installation Methods

Radiant Panel Underlayment

Radiant panel board products can serve as underlayment in preparation for a wide variety of finished flooring goods. This is a low mass, quick response system. Great for high performance homes.

Topping Slab

This type of installation allows for the finished floor to be concrete.

Gypsum Overpour

The  gypsum overpour method creates thermal mass that can be covered with a wide variety of finished flooring goods. This method also assists with floor leveling.

20+ Years in Radiant Floor Heating

Over two decades in Radiant Floor Heating and a lifetime of plumbing and construction experience. Read more about us here.

What Our Customers Have to Say

” We are thrilled to have found a local service provider who is available, responsive, has comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics and electronics of radiant systems, is honest, and who is fair and competitive in pricing. ”

” We couldn’t be happier with Joe and his team! Beyond our expectations! ”

” I use Heatwave Systems for all my radiant heat jobs. There’s no one better in the business. ”

” Joe’s expertise is invaluable. Getting him involved early in the process saved us and our client time and money. ”